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James David Davis

James David Davis

James David Davis was born 24 April 1861, in Springville, Utah.  His mother was Susannah Garlick Wakefield Davis.  Susannah married John Fleming Wakefield in Nauvoo, Illinois.  John and Susannah had seven children and John died on 13 Jan 1854 in Council Bluffs before he could go with Susannah and children across the plains to Utah.  Susannah later crossed the plains with her seven children without a husband and eventually wound up in Springville, Utah, around 1855.

About the same time, Rees William Davis and his wife, Margaret Walters, and their children left Wales and arrived in Springville, Utah.  Then Margaret Walters died.

So there was Rees William Davis without a wife and Susannah Garlick Wakefield without a husband in Springville, Utah.  They got married 11 April 1860, in Springville, Utah. 

Then, Rees William Davis died just 4 months later on 4 August 1860, in Springville, Utah.

Eight months after the death of Rees William Davis, on 24 Apr 1861, James David Davis was born to Susannah.

Not much is known about the youth of James David Davis.  At some point, he left his mother, Susannah, in Springville, and moved to Fairview, Sanpete, Utah. 

In Fairview, James met Melissa Jane Avery and married here on 7 Jan 1891, in the Manti, Sanpete, Utah, Temple.

James David Davis was over 6 feet tall. With his arms outstretched, his wife, Melissa Jane Avery, could walk underneath.
About 1901, James and his family moved to Milo, Idaho. 
James David Davis died on 4 Mar 1906, in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, in a grain elevator accident.  This was about the time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and fire.
James David Davis was buried in Milo, Bonneville, Idaho, on 6 Mar 1906.

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