Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is for life sketches and pictures of James David Davis.

This site belongs to Robin Roy Davis.

The following links lead to life sketches and genealogy for the ancestors of Robin Roy Davis: - my father - my grandfather - my great grandfather (this website) - my 2nd great grandfather

James David Davis was the son of Susannah Garlick Wakefield and Rees William Davis.

Susannah had married John Fleming Wakefield previously and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois where they had 7 children. Before they could move to the Salt Lake Valley, John Fleming Wakefield died. Susannah and her 7 children crossed the plains in a handcart company and went to Springville, Utah.

In the meantime, Rees William Davis and his wife Margaret, crossed the sea from Wales to Springville with their children. Margaret died in Springville.

Susannah and Rees married in Springville, Utah.

Rees died shortly after their marriage.

Then James David Davis, son of Susannah and Rees, was born in Springville, Utah.

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